Everything you need to know about ordering the eBook. If not, just email: john@johnlockhart.net

What formats does the book come in?

When you order the book, you will receive links to download the book in .pdf and ePub formats. I've chosen these formats to make the work easy to read an use on a wide variety of devices and software platforms. The ePub format may display best on some reader devices and tablets while the .pdf format works well on desktop systems and allows you to easily print sections of the book.

Is a print edition planned?

Yes. A full color print version is planned and I hope to have it available sometime in 2017. The book should be the same 8.5 x 11 format as the electronic version. The print version will be a separate purchase and is anticipated to cost about 45.00. With production costs and fees keeping the book at a reasonable price leaves very little profit margin. Therefore, I cannot offer a discount if you have previously purchased the electronic version.

Will I receive book updates?

Yes. You are entitled and encouraged to receive updates to the eBook free of charge. I do however, reserve right to charge for major revisions, e.g., a complete re-write or a reformatted version of the work, e.g., a two volume set or multimedia enhanced version of the work. I'll try to provide email notifications of updated versions, but feel free to check this website for updates. The book version is on the copyright page, and the current version is 1.0.0

I'm always looking for ways to improve the book and this includes fixing errors and typos. Just email me directly at: john@johnlockhart.net.

How do I Provide Feedback on the Book?