A workshop attendee with his first carbon print up to dry.

A workshop attendee with his first carbon print up to dry.

One on One Instruction, Group Workshops, and Consulting

I've told folks that my two favorite jobs were teaching logic and working at a camera store. So, what could I love more than the opportunity to teach printmaking and photography.

Contact me if you are interested in learning carbon printing, the fundamentals of film photography, digital negatives, or have a special problem or job you want help with. I am also open to organizing new courses for multiple students.

Carbon Printing Workshop 

A typical carbon workshop is a full two day course that will cover all the skills necessary to print single transfer carbon prints on hand coated art paper and fixed out photo paper using tissue of your own manufacture. Over the course of the workshop a student will alternate between making materials and printing, and produce several finished prints. The emphasis is on hands on experience and the skills necessary to print one one's own. We will make digital negatives for carbon printing and cover the basics of calibration and negative preparation. 

I like to conduct workshops one on one, but workshops for multiple students with some discounts can be arranged. Although it is designed to be a two day workshop, the course time can be spread over three days if a more relaxed schedule is desired.

I print out of my home in Austin's East side where workshops are conducted. All materials are included and I can be persuaded to throw in some good BBQ too. Austin is a fun town and I can advise on accommodations and cool stuff to do if you are coming from out of town.

One on one two day carbon workshop fee: 650.00 all materials included.

If you are looking for a workshop greater or lesser in scope, contact me and we can see what we can arrange.


On-line Consulting and Special Topics

I am also happy to put together courses on special topics, consult on specific processes or problems. I have offered help with carbon printing via email and Skype with good success, and this can be an effective and cost effective way to get up to speed on a process for students comfortable working independently.

During courses we will prepare digital negatives for printing and I will cover my own methods. However, in depth coverage of digital negative production and process calibration would be a distinct workshop of it's own. I also have experience with other processes such as kallitypes and cyanotypes and would be happy to teach more basic processes as well as overview courses for those interested in acquiring all the foundational skills required for taking an image from film to a finished alt process print. 


I had the great pleasure of arranging a carbon printing workshop with John Lockhart. I found the initial communication, pricing and timing all to be an easily made good deal. John and I chatted about where my experience and goals lay. We reviewed some existing prints, and looked over some of my potential shots to choose target prints that would be most interesting. Then, we set about discussing the processes, challenges, and began. From mixing of the chemicals to size the final art papers through the carbon tissue, sensitizing, exposure and development, John offered a kind guidance, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. This is one of those special bits about what makes photography accessible at a level I never really thought I might reach.
— Dave Chudnov
John’s videos about carbon transfer printing are great but it was the opportunity to have him remotely consult that really helped with my first carbon attempts. It didn’t matter that it was all virtual, John’s suggestions and information via email were invaluable.
— David Christensen
Freshly developed and cleared carbon prints.

Freshly developed and cleared carbon prints.