Even when speaking with folks who practice alternative or historic processes, carbon transfer often takes takes a bit of explaining. Part of the reason is its relative obscurity. Carbon can be a difficult and unforgiving process, and there are a relative few who practice it. Carbon is also different than processes using sensitized metallic compounds. Some of the materials and steps are like copperplate gravure, some are more like gum bichromate. I've often found myself drawing pictures to explain it.

So, to help those new to carbon transfer understand the process, I have created a YouTube channel in which I demonstrate some of the tool and techniques in a series of informal video clips. Perhaps you'll simply better understand where I've been and what I been spending so much time on. Perhaps you'll be interested in trying it yourself. More than anything I want to convey the work and craftsmanship invested in every print. Some folks think I crank these things out on an inkjet printer. 

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Below are six clips that demonstrate the major steps involved in making materials and creating a print.

Carbon Printing Part One - Overview

Carbon Printing Part Two - Making Glop

Carbon Printing Part Three - Pouring Glop

Carbon Printing Part Four - Brush Sensitizing

Carbon Printing Part Five - Exposure and Mating

Carbon Printing Part Six - Development