Pinhole to Print - An Alt Process Primer

Want to party like it's 1869? I'm currently designing an introductory course to alternative process printing and film photography I plan to offer in Austin Texas in the fall of 2013.  The course is designed for students who want to learn the fundamentals of taking an image from a film negative all the way through to a full size hand made print.

Course materials include your own piece of fantastic plastic.

Course materials include your own piece of fantastic plastic.

Accordingly, the course will focus as much on foundational skills applicable to all alt process printing as it will the specific processes we employ in making our prints. To build confidence, emphasize basic skills, and have fun, we will take and develop pinhole images on medium format film, scan and create full size digital negatives from the film negatives, and create a cyanotype or vandyke print. Included in the course materials will be a Holga pinhole camera. However, students will be encouraged to shoot and develop film from their own small and medium format cameras. I'll be available to teach students to use cameras they are unfamiliar with or advise students in purchasing a film camera suited to their needs and budget. Students can also use digital images.  

The course will be held in three weekly sessions and will be limited to six students. The course tuition will be approximately 250.00 and will include all materials.

The course materials and schedule are still under development. So, contact me directly if you are interested in enrolling.