The People's Gallery and and After Six Presentation

I'm happy to have three carbon prints in this year's People's gallery exhibition. Through the end of the year, you can see my work, and the work of many other artists placed throughout Austin City Hall.

The prints selected were all based on street style images I shot in and around the Austin area. I've been invited to do a short presentation on the work as a part of the After Six series of presentations. I'll be in the group on August 25th entitled The Eyes of Texas with Gerard Juarez. For more information on the gallery and the series:


East Austin Studio Tour 2015

I just registered for the 2015 East Austin Studio Tour. Last year was my first and it was a lot of fun and a success all around. The tour is a few months away, but if you are thinking about participating now is a good time to apply. Open call is open and there is a small early bird discount.

If you are thinking about visiting, please drop me a line. That said, my studio is always open. So, feel free to reach out if you are interested in prints, workshops, or looking for an atelier.