The modern and comprehensive guide to carbon transfer

Together, Sandy King and I have produced a single book that covers all aspects of single and double transfer carbon, materials manufacture, equipment and supplies, digital and analog negatives for carbon printing, color carbon and carbro, and more.

Drawing on our shared experiences printing and teaching carbon, and collaboration with the carbon printing community, The Carbon Print incorporates new methods and techniques, not available in Sandy's previous publications. Special sections provide guidance for beginning carbon printers. Full color images highlight the work of over a dozen artists and illustrate key working procedures.

The breath and detail of The Carbon Print, makes it a must have for beginning carbon printers as well as experienced printers aiming to explore new and advanced techniques.      

The Carbon Print features:

  • Advice and tips for beginning printers
  • Complete procedures for single and double transfer
  • Complete guide to supplies and materials manufacture
  • Digital negative guide including Sandy's custom all gray inkset
  • Approximately 200 pages and 100 images of prints and procedures
  • Detailed troubleshooting guide and supplier reference
  • Guide to color carbon
  • Downloadable in .pdf and ePub formats
  • Priced at 24.95

The Carbon Print Book FAQ

 For other questions or inquiries about The Carbon Print, contact me.