My dormant interest in photography was awakened when I discovered handmade processes. After seeing a platinum print by Paul Outerbridge in an auction catalog, I felt I had found what was lacking in my photographic efforts. After experimenting with a few alternative processes, I became interested in carbon transfer printing and it has been the primary focus of my efforts over the last several years.

As a photographer and printmaker, I seek to combine the authenticity and immediacy of documentary and street photography with a painstaking approach to each print as a handcrafted artifact. Thus, I seek to create prints that have a sense of idiosyncrasy, serendipity, and unique place and time, combined with a level of abstraction, craftsmanship, and deliberate technique that elevate them from that context.

I am also passionate about preserving, evolving, and teaching the craft. Printing for other artists, teaching workshops, and writing have been much of my recent work. I co-authored, with Sandy King, a guide to the carbon process that will be published in 2017 by Hangzhou University Press in China as a part of a series of books on handmade processes. In January 2017, Sandy and I released The Carbon Print - the only modern and comprehensive guide to the craft.

I am a native of Houston, spent a decade in Raleigh, and I now live and work in Austin, Texas with my son Ian.

Publications and Shows:

2017 - The People's Gallery group exhibition at Austin, TX city hall.

2017 - The Carbon Print co-authored with Sandy King

2016 - [Print] Process, group show, Lumiere Editions, Silver City, NM

2015 - The Hour reprinted in The Sun, Issue #475

2014, 2015, 2016 - East Austin Studio Tour

2013 - Texas Photographic Society group show TPS 23 

2012 - Kallitypes in Jill Enfield's Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes